The Cat’s Meow

Class 1: Greeting our Cat Patient
• Discuss how best to bring a cat to the veterinarian
• Describe how you would greet your cat patient
• Describe body condition scoring for a pet

Class 2: Tip to Tail Feline Exam
• Describe the tip to tail exam for a cat
• Where do you listen to a cat’s heart?
• Do you know where the thyroid is?

Class 3: Cat Body Language
• Know several areas of the body we look at to tell if a cat is interested in being pet or not
• Know signals that cats are giving off to tell if they are uncomfortable being touched or are more open to being approached

Class 4: Cat Home Life
• Discuss important aspects of home life that a veterinarian should ask about in their history
• Know what environmental enrichment means and some ideas for providing cat enrichment
• Understand some things that cats may prefer or avoid when it comes to their litter box

Class 5: A Stress-Free Cat is a Healthy Cat
• Understand what causes stress for a cat
• Learn strategies to reduce stress
• What make a great cat toy
• How to make their own cat toy

Class 6: Graduation
• Understand the types of jobs available to veterinarians
• Design their own veterinarian clinic
• Graduate from Veterinarian School


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Little Veterinarian School Part 3

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