First Aid!

  1. Learn how to respond when first aid is needed
  2. Identify items that should be in a first aid kit
  3. Explain basic ways to approach common injuries.
  4. Create a take home first aid kit


The Wonderful Brain!

  1. Learn the key facts of the brain and how it works
  2. Identify the lobes of the brain and what each lobe controls
  3. Understand the anatomy of the brain by building a model


That is Gross!

  1. Learn what gas is and why we burp and belch
  2. Find out why mucus and boogers are important.
  3. Make and take home homemade snot.


Your Spine is Fine!

  1. Learn what the spine does and why it is important
  2. Learn the different levels of the spine.
  3. Make a spine model



  1. Explain what a prescription is and what information it must contain
  2. Gain an understanding of how pharmacists dispense prescriptions
  3. Practice writing prescriptions and know what to consider before prescribing

Medical Fun and Graduation!

  1. Discuss the key concepts he or she learned in the Little Medical School course
  2. Understand what it takes to become a doctor and design your future office
  3. Recite the Little Medical School Oath and Graduate


Items students go home with: White Coat (Disposable), ID badge, First Aid Kit, Brain Model and worksheet, Homemade Snot, Spine Model and worksheet, Bingo Card, Design your own office worksheet, and Diploma


We provide one trained and background checked Little Medical School instructor.   We suggest 8-12 kids per class.


6 hours of programming can be scheduled as 3 two-hour sessions, 2 three- hour sessions, or 1 six hour sessions.


We can accommodate as many students as needed.  We do suggest running a different session for 3-5 year olds (pre-readers) vs. 6-12 year olds.  This can run at the same time.

6hr Little Doctor School Part 2

Age 7-11 Years old
Duration 6h
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  • Duration 6h
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Multi Site Course
6h per class
7-11 Years olds
12 students per class

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